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Underwater Tank Inspections

FIRE WATER TANK INSPECTIONS: We conduct internal fire water tank inspections across Victoria using remotely operated vehicle (ROV) technology.

All Fire water tank inspections are carried out IAW AS1851-2012 sect 5 which, in some cases, requires annual internal inspections of tank components be carried out by diver or ROV.

Using an ROV to carry out fire water tank inspections is a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods which involved people entering a confined space and having the fire water tank out of service while the inspection was carried out.

We provide our clients with a written report which accompanies the high definition video and still images of the tank to ensure they can comply with AS1851-2012.

If it is deemed necessary to clean the tank, Bass Strait Subsea can provided a 3rd party to carry out the task safely and efficiently on request.

We recently conducted a fire water tank inspection in Geelong, Victoria check out the video below

POTABLE WATER TANK INSPECTIONS: After consultation with members of various water corporations in Victoria, we have designed a potable water tank inspection system to meet the specific needs of potable water tank owners.

A major focus of the Potable water industry was on the need to confirm the integrity of the Water tank roof. Our Ultra High Definition zoom camera allows a close visual inspection of the Water Tank roof to be conducted while the tank remains online and without the need to enter a confined space.

Have a look at the images taken from a recent water tank inspection below.

Once the roof inspection is complete we then ‘dive’ the ROV and inspect the underwater tank components including looking at the liner condition, access ladder, mixers, inlets, outlet strainers and finally the tank floor.

We measure and record the sediment level so that water tank owners can make a determination on cleaning requirements, potentially saving thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of litres of water and eliminating any service disruption while the tank is taken out of service.

All equipment used to conduct potable water tank inspections is thoroughly disinfected by fully immersing in a solution of sodium hypochlorite for a minimum of 20 minutes to ensure effective sterilisation.

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