Bass Strait Subsea

About Us

Bass Strait Subsea is a specialist Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) inspection company.

We conduct Fire Water Storage Tank Inspections in accordance with AS1851-2012.
Using Ultra High Definition Zoom cameras our ROVs are able to pick up small defects before they become big problems.
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Company Profile

Bass Strait Subsea and our personnel have been involved in underwater inspections using ROV’s since 2009.

We are bringing the experience gained from the offshore Oil and Gas industry to the onshore sector and are now conducting internal Tank inspections for the Fire Protection industry and Potable Water Inspections for Water Boards across Victoria.

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Our Mission

Bass Strait Subsea is committed to:

– Ensuring we understand our clients needs and only provide personnel with the experience  and expertise to meet those needs.
– Maintaining confidentiality in all dealings with both clients and employees
– Providing qualified ROV personnel with a strong focus on safety, asset protection and the  environment.

Call us on 0412 970 566 to discuss your next ROV Tank Inspection.